American Astronomical Tours company's 15 days tour on board the M/V Galapagos Legend starts today from Baltra port in the Galapagos archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and within the territory of Ecuador with the purpose of observing Apr 8th total solar eclipse and visiting Galapagos beautiful and amazing Islands. For participating this tour, Hamid Djodeiri Khodashenas, departed from Tehran aimed to Baltra port on wednesday March 30 with flight number 343 of KLM airlines. He flew to Gauyaquil, Ecudor after a one day stop in Amsterdam and then depart to Baltra from there.


 In this astronomical tour some outstanding astronomers and scientists of the world participate. Professor Jay M. Pasachoff, Dr. Fred Espenak, Dr. Michael D. Reynolds, David H. Levy, David Eicher and Michael Backich form Astronomy Magazine are among them. Itinerary is organized to visit Galapagos Islands from April 1st to 3rd and then sail to the eclipse site at 110 22.4'W and 2 3.1'S. This rare and beautiful eclipse lasts 34 senonds and it's a beautiful exposure of the Baily's Beads.


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